Since 1992, WING KIONG Group of Companies has been actively fueling the growth of the construction industry to what it is today.

One of WING KIONG's main goals is to design and manufacture the finest steel moulds, couplers, and construction accessories that are up to our clients' specific requirements in Malaysia as well as abroad.

At WING KIONG, we understand what our clients' needs are specifically. With this, it is our aim to provide the most comprehensive range of from high quality to cost-efficient construction tools and products, be it for precast or post-tensioning, to our clients.

WING KIONG is comprised of a team of dedicated experts who has in-depth knowledge, skills and experience in pinning down precisely on what moulds, couplers and construction accessories our clients are looking for, handling our clients' orders professionally and providing the sought-after craftmanship required in the making of the much-needed and high performing construction tools and products.

With more than 20 years dabbling in this industry, WING KIONG has already been synonymous and familiar with being on a good track record in consistently providing reliable and durable products that meet our clients' expectations in the steel moulds', couplers' and construction accessories' categories of the construction industry.

Our testament is further solidified on the ground that we have reached the quality standard required by the industry. This is reflected by our successful implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001:2008.

Spanning a production floor of over 50,000 sq ft, WING KIONG's workshop is equipped with the latest facilities demanded by the industry further ensuring that WING KIONG is the right platform to develop more-valued and remarkable construction tools and products used in a precast or a post-tensioning method for our clients.

With our competence and unwavering commitments to raise the stakes and break greater frontiers in this construction industry, you know you can ask WING KIONG for all your specific construction needs when it comes to steel moulds, couplers and construction accessories. If you have any further queries or need further asisstance, we would be glad if you could contact us: info@wingkiong.com