We, at WING KIONG, produce couplers that are of the finest strength, easy to install, time-saving and cost-effective. WING KIONG's couplers are proof-tested and found to be of excellent quality and performance.

These mechanical splicing systems made by WING KIONG are unmatchably strong, easily surpassing the requirements given by the International Codes of Practice such as MS 146, BS 4449, BS 8110, EN 10080 and AS 3600. As such, the tensile strength of our couplers constantly thrives over the conventional thresholds i.e. exceeding 630 N/mm2 for our couplers with parallel threads, 483 N/mm2 for Grade 460A and 497 N/mm2 for Grade 460B.

In tests, our couplers have provenly shown that their permanent elongation values are consistently kept at the most minimum level. For instance, one of our tests on our couplers has yielded a permananent elongation value of 0.01 for loading up to 0.6 Fy (mm).

WING KIONG Coupler - Parallel Thread

As WING KIONG's parallel thread coupler manage to withstand above 130% of rebar tensile strength (N/mm2), such couplers are ideal for providing not only consistent strength but also durable mechanical properties required by the construction industry.

The steel cross-sectional area of such WING KIONG's couplers is designed and fabricated such that these couplers provide unrivalled optimum and stable strength at the joint area thereof.

As these WING KIONG's couplers' capabilities do extend to their self-centering and aligning performance, WING KIONG's couplers are therefore able to fulfill strict fatique requirements.

Thus, such WING KIONG's mechanical splicing systems are capable to prevent excessive number of rebars being utilized for lapping. These WING KIONG's couplers can inadvertently save countless valuable cranes' usage and the time spent on using such cranes.

As an inherent feature, these WING KIONG's couplers do come with plastic end caps that protect the coupler's internal thread and threading caps to safeguard each threaded end of the coupler from damage.


WING KIONG's steel moulds are deliberately fabricated using the finest craftmanship and expertise abundantly available in WING KIONG.

Using the most elaborate welding techniques, WING KIONG's steel moulds are built for deliverance when it comes to sustaining high pressure and tension due to poured concrete.

WING KIONG's steel moulds are invariably submitted to vigorous testing therefore guaranteed to be able to withstand unsurmountable load of concrete seen in the construction industry.

The steel material used to make such steel moulds is meticulously picked up by the professionals in WING KIONG that have already been imbued with rich set of skills and in-depth experience in the construction industry.

WING KIONG's steel moulds confidently ensure that your precast concrete is formed with an impeccably smooth surface.

WING KIONG's steel moulds, due to our rigourous selection of fine steel material, contain non-stick properties further facilitating the forming of a satisfying end result of a perfect concrete slab and the effortless removal of the steel moulds from the cast concrete slab.

Throughout our many operating years, the unrivalled capabilities of WING KIONG's steel moulds are a testament to our clients of our commitments and striving towards the finest quality and high-performing steel moulds.

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Construction Accessories

At WING KIONG, we offer a wide range of construction accessories that can be readily made for your convenience.

WING KIONG is the most strategic place to ask for assistance as we have the refined pool of skilled and experienced experts available for you to tap into to help you make the finest construction accessories.

Our construction accessories are known for their robust strength, exceeding the required International standard of tensile strength, and impeccable performance.

WING KIONG is synonymous with our attention to minute details in our making of construction accessories in order to deliver the best quality of products to our clients.

Be it cost-effective or the highest quality, WING KIONG will be there to assist you to realize your necessities and vigourously complement your demand for reliable construction accessories.

WING KIONG is dynamic, we are able to cater to your every need when it comes to construction tools and products. It is one of our topmost priority and utmost commitments to meet and exceed your expectations in buiding the construction accessories that are up your alley.